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Our books are designed to help you “DO” something to reduce your costs and lower your footprint.  Each book that has templates or places to record information specific to your opportunity to do better with less. These are the pages you may decide to print out, to help you progress in going for the green. Think green before you print.

We do offer the option of hard copies, either for individual needs or for large orders. There is a premium for this. Our e-price does not cover the additional publishing costs such as printing and paper, shipping and handling costs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and obtain pricing.

Quick Tips

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For small business, time is money. Of all resource problems they face; it's the kicker. So we've created Quick Tips, facts and stats on any topic that stands between you and better productivity. We try to address the issue, concern or opportunity by answering four basic questions:

  • what is it?
  • what does it do?
  • what`s in it for you?
  • does it work?

One Year subscriptions for a bi-weekly emailed service is $24.95.
You will receive 26 Quick Tips over a year.

Quick Tips can be purchased individually without a subscription, the average price is $4.95. A series or set, which is typically three Quick Tips, is $10.95.

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Some Quick Tips will be free for download to visitors when they are sponsored by a Product Partner.

Free, courtesy of our product partners

Better Chemical Management (CMP 1-2-3)

A three-part series that covers the facts about the soup of life, what's safe and what's not (it's not what you're expecting); how to determine 'risky business'; what's NOT in MSDS; an eye opener on the true cost of chemicals; the mad hatter and better management tips; why an ounce matters; how to eliminate waste from your business, and save money. Our first series was on better chemical management, courtesy of Environment Canada and reviewed by CFIB, CCPA, Health Canada.

Better Chemical Management Parts 1, 2, and 3

The Colour of Success in your Succession Plan: why green matters

Written for the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, with input from Dianne Saxe (a top Ontario environmental lawyer), Bob Willard (author of resources for sustainability champions), and Don Schwerzler (a family-business advisor). Courtesy of the EnviroReady Report and

The Colour of Success

An Apples to Apples Approach to Better Environmental Management: what is ISO 14001? Pt.1

There is nothing sexy about the number 14001, and if you`ve not heard about it before, that`s not surprising. However, if you want to improve your productivity as you green your business, this is worth a quick read. Welcome to the world of equal opportunity to do a better job of managing what you have or do that has an impact on the planet, consistently. Courtesy of the EnviroReady Report and

Apples to Apples ISO 14001

Featured Product
A Manufacturer's Handbook on Going for the Green is two books in one, and more.
It includes:
  • 7 simple tools
  • opportunity for answers in 2 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the tool
  • 4 templates to save your results

More about the handbook...

You can save your small business $20,000 (and more) and reduce your footprint by doing simple things.

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