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Do you have a great story to tell? We'd love to see it.

Stories are appearing daily in the major rags and in local papers about the efforts that businesses are making to green their operations. They come from all sectors and from all places, across the nation, and from around the globe. More often than not they focus on the big companies.

We are always looking for success stories from small businesses  to feature on our website. Here's what we are looking for:

ʘ Small businesses success stories, especially really small businesses, although we are happy to hear from medium-sized entities as well. Any sector; from any place.

ʘ Stories can be about changes to products, processes and services where there has been environmental and financial benefit. If you can show a community benefit, that's great. You can include comments from customers or consumers to whom you sell, if they are available. And the one thing you'd do differently...

Your video should be between 2 to 4 minutes long. Download the content requirements and technical specs in this PDF. We aren't looking for fancy, we're looking for facts.

This is an opportunity to share your success story to let others know how you succeeded in going for the green. This is not an opportunity to advertise. It’s not about selling something. We have a store option if that will help you. Email us and we’ll talk.

If you are interested in submitting a video, wonderful. Make sure that it’s your material to post. Click on our Success Stories logo on the right, which takes you to our Archives on GFTG TV. Get an idea of what we’re look for...

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