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Home Business Handbook
What does green mean? Everybody wants to be able to say they are green; all too few of us have been willing to jump in the pond and actually kiss the frog. Learn how in Simple Steps. Get your copy today! Pre-publication price $24.95. Publication Date - July 2011. Will be $34.95, so don't miss out on this incredible deal!! Copies will be sent via e-mail within 48 hours of publication date.

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HandBook - Hard Copy Version
A Manufacturer's Handbook on Going for the Green
This is a hard copy of the Handbook, provided in a 3-ring binder.

Price: $96.95

A Manufacturer's Handbook on Going for the Green
This is a new version of Going for the Green: A Manufacturer’s Guide to Lean and Green, which was released in 2007 through the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). Between 2007 and 2009 over 50,000 copies were downloaded from the CFIB website.

Price: $49.95

Quick Tips save you time, money and aggravation. Let us help you find the answers you need for greener productivity.

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If governments and big business were designing for a vibrant, healthy economy, they would focus on your needs. goingforthegreen.net has made you a priority in our design. Join today!

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Whether it’s a complete team effort, or just one employee leading the way, our products and services are designed with your resources in mind. Find out how to get your team involved in saving you money and reducing your footprint. Be part of the solution!

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There are often fast and simple things a business your size can do to save money and green your productivity. Become part of the collaboration and learn more!

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You’ve grown from a micro-enterprise to a small and successful business; add to your profitability by greening your productivity. goingforthegreen.net will help add value and reduce both cost and risk. Join now!

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The tools we offer mean a medium-sized business like yours can help you simply but effectively improve your bottom line and enhance your credibility. Be sure your continuing growth enhances your value to customers and adds to your profitability. Join today!.

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Companies at the top of the business pyramid are called upon to show leadership. Part of being an effective leader is to send a clear message throughout your supply chain that greening is a strategic opportunity. Show your stakeholders and the communities in which you operate that green is central to the success of your businees, and join us now!

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