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What these images mean

Member LogoThis symbol is for our members. It`s designed to go on your website.

It signals to consumers, customers, suppliers and your community that you are working to do better with less by greening your productivity.

And that's a great thing.

Partner LogoThis is the symbol of our Product Partners those businesses, organizations or individuals who are financially supporting the development or sourcing of tools for small business. They do this because they believe in going for the green as part of being good corporate citizens, they do this to help their small business suppliers and customers achieve their green goals, and they do this because it's smart business.

Supporters LogoThis symbol is to recognize our supporters who have a formal agreement with us to help in spreading the news to small business about what G4TG and GFTG TV does. They also assist in building a network of links to quick connect small business to solutions we design or source for them. This is important as small business has little time to find solutions geared to them.

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