Green Market

Where Village Green Meets Town Market

We hope to provide a balance of locally produced goods and services with those sourced from the global village, either through our store or through links to green suppliers.

Our Green Market strives to bring companies to your attention that we believe offer businesses and consumers credible green options. We try to help match buyers and sellers. We're looking for products and services that have a reasonable price point, a low cost of use, and will help small business go green. If you've designed, developed or are selling a product or a service and are in need of an online store option, email us at

Green Driving Tips Courtesy of Drivers of Change

You are responsible for your driving habits. Dave Krentz, the man behind the shades, is head of Drivers of Change. Dave, a 13-year veteran of driver training has developed on-line training to help you cut emissions, save money and drive safer. To start, click on any of the images to the right to connect to 10 tips you can watch for free.

Whether you are a fleet of one or a fleet of many, these 10 tips are simple to fit into your driving, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

Green Cricket makes buying green a snap

Green Cricket is a Toronto-based company that brings quality green products to mainstream consumers in a way that is convenient, meaningful and fun. Green Cricket screens products for you so that you can fill your regular shopping needs with green choices.

They make it easier for you as they do the research necessary to help you make smarter choices for you and the planet Just point, click and they ship.


The Goal of Our Green Market

The Green Market

Drivers of Change