Eureka Exchange:
Greening Inventions and Innovating Green

Archimedes said “Eureka!”, which roughly translates as “I have found it”. This is our “find it” page. Find opportunity. Stimulate innovative thinking. Share your innovation with others.

To address the problems people face today while ensuring a quality of life for tomorrow, we need to work together to solve them. That’s actually what competition is all about, ‘striving together”.  (Bet you did not know that.)

The Eureka Exchange is a virtual innovation centre geared to helping small business do better with less©. Doing better with less means using fewer resources in less time so you can save money, get money or make money. As a result you are lowering your footprint on the planet, increasing productivity, and we hope, profit.

The Eureka Exchange is intended to help in three distinct ways, it will:

ʘ excite people into thinking about how to do better with less©, to generate new ideas by designing with nature

ʘ accelerate the innovation of green products, services, etc. to green economic growth

ʘ share existing green technology, whether it's four doors away or from around the world

Why do this?

Innovation is a primary engine of economic growth; we need to green economic growth. Most small businesses believe they can grow the economy and protect the environment at the same time. We’ve seen a lot of the tools designed for bigger businesses.

Our goal is to help small business owners, managers and employees connect with real solutions that are practical along with the big picture of how each act of green does make a difference. While money is not usually the primary motivator for going green, it’s still a factor. So we focus on tools and approaches that can help small business save money, get money or make money and reduce their Footprint on the environment.

Do you want your company to be involved? Do you want to be known as being part of the solution? Become a member. Are you an innovator of something that will help small business green their productivity? Are you a bigger company and want to be known as a Product Partner? Get in touch with us!

Some Great Ideas to Start With

Ideas are everywhere...

Bob McDonaldYou missed the launch! Our host, Bob McDonald, CBC’s outstanding host of Quirks and Quarks, did an amazing job of introducing our exciting and eclectic speakers. You can still watch the show, click here to buy your ticket.

Eureka Exchange Launch

Cansolair Solar Panels

Facts and Stats on Cansolair Solar Panels

The Eureka Exchange is now open, and is the place to meet small business owners who have adopted a green technology that may offer you benefit. You can listen to experts on how to better manage your business, to save money, get money or make money. AND reduce your footprint.

Find your Eureka idea that will help you green your business.

It could be just around the corner, or from another country. Whether you are in Oakland, California; Mumbai, India; Kelowna, Canada; Devizes, the U.K.; Monterrey, Mexico; Jakarta, Indonesia; you can be connected through! Join today.