Going for the Green
Success sells. But we often learn more from our mistakes.

It's far more cost effective to learn from someone else's.

We’re interested in helping you save money, get money or make money and lower your footprint on the planet. Every act of green will help reduce our collective footprint on the planet, and that's a good thing. Sharing the things you did, bought or made that didn’t work for you offers a few benefits.

One, someone else could help you fix the problem. A cost saving measure.

Two, you may help someone else from making the same mistake, saving them time. And time is a precious commodity for any small business.

Three, sharing can reduce waste, and that’s where everybody wins.

We are interested in things that are humourously serious. Or seriously funny. Why?

Laugher helps us -- it's like a recall button for the brain.
It's a way to avoid waste, and that's a great thing.
It saves everyone involved money, and more. That's important!

"Do you have a great example for EcoBloopers™?

Tell us in 4 minutes or less the gist of the story. Show us what you need help with, explain what you've done to date and what the results to date are that weren't what you expected.

Or share with us what you think is not so green (remember to make it in the form of a question that you could ask your mother or grandmother).  Keep your sense of humour. It can be a 'Rick-rant' (as in the style of Rick Mercer) as long as you keep it polite. Or it can be a 'Red-greener': "remember if it's not broken, you're not trying hard enough". Or a 'Just joshing' as if it was Babe Bennett (that's really Cathy Jones, of course).

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