Going for the Green
About Us

We believe that it is mission critical to involve small businesses in going for the green. Small businesses are the living network that connects us locally and globally.

So who are we? We are small business owners and colleagues. Collectively we have over ...let's just say lots of years of experience. We know that small business is a big deal.

We share one common belief, by helping other small businesses do better with less©, there will be huge gains in productivity and profitability. Mother Nature won’t mind this either.

However, small business needs time efficient tools to start. And they need the help now -- designed for "bigger than a household, but I'm not Fortune 500..."

Can you imagine if each small business could reduce their costs by 16% by doing simple things, what the impact of their collective Footprint would be?

Do the math...

Small business comes in all shapes and sizes. Some make money on a seasonal basis, as a cottage industry or as a full time round the clock entity. To understand the real opportunity we see in helping small business do better with less©, we thought we’d share a few numbers. What would a 1% savings from greening your productivity looks like? What about 5% or 10%? What about 16%? What if every small business made changes to green their productivity? How much money would they save? Here’s what the number looks like based on revenues of $500,000.

Back out profit, overhead. In this case we assumed a 60/40 split between labour and material costs to come up with a figure of $125,000 in material costs.

Based on costs of $125,000, the benefit to your bottom line by going for the green would be:

% improvement


Dollars saved





Material Costs now





So what would you do with $20,000?


The Core Team

Here is a brief introduction to each of us with an explanation of why we’re involved.

Lynn Johannson
Small businesses play a critical role in any economy and in the environmental quality of a nation. As important as you are, you rarely get the attention or the support you deserve or need. We’re going to change that. Starting now...

Peter Corbyn
The opportunity to greatly improve the things we do and how we do them is simple. It puts money in your pocket. It cleans the air and water... you get the picture. Let's just do it!


Katie Altoft
99% of Canada's businesses are small ones. That's about 2.4 million companies. If we could help each one improve by 1% that could release over a billion into the economy. Works for me. You?

Ryan Groom
I’m the hard to sell to guy. Green is great. But it also has to balance with your budget. So let's show you how green saves you money, gets you money and makes you money. Are we clear?